A state licensed and TICA Registered cattery!  Belle Exotics is a professional cattery specializing in purebred F4 through F6 SBT Savannah kittens. Only SBT males are crossed with purebred Savannah females to produce our kittens.  Belle Exotics does not condone the use of any outcross when breeding for beautiful Savannah kittens.  Belle Exotics is a Felv, PKD and PRA negative cattery assuring the healthiest possible kittens.  Cats and kittens at Belle Exotics receive routine veterinary care from a licensed veterinarian.  All of our kittens are raised in our home  and will be well socialized before being placed in their approved forever pet home.  All kittens will be TICA registered and spayed or neutered before being placed.

F6 SBT kittens available...


For the health and safety of the animals we are a closed cattery.  I do not offer home visits because the risks are simply too high.  I do this to not only protect your new kitten but every animal here at Belle Exotics.  Pictures and videos will be forwarded at the request of the new owners.

"Exotic-looking hybrid pet cats and kittens allow people to own a wild-looking spotted domestic cat as a safe and legal alternative to owning a potentially dangerous wild species that requires a specialist knowledge and housing.  This also reduces the  demand for the wild species in the pet trade where they may not thrive." 

Belle Exotics is recognized as a

"TICA Outstanding Cattery" 2019


When Inquiring about a kitten or upcoming litters please do so by phone or email.  No text messages please.

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