Savannah Cats

Savannah Cats are the worlds tallest domestic cat breed.  Savannah Cats are sought around the world for their spotted coats, large size, dog-like temperament and high intelligence.  Savannah cats are a hybrid cross between a African Serval and a domestic cat.  Savannah Cats, with their dog like temperament and similiar size make them ideal for a owner that wants a dog but cannot accomodate the extra requirements of a canine.  Savannah cats are well known for walking on a leash and playing fetch!

Exotic-looking hybrid pet cats allow people to own a wild-looking spotted domestic cat as a safe alternative to owning a potentially dangerous wild species that requires specialist knowledge and housing.  This also reduces the demand for the wild species in the pet trade where they may not thrive. 

Savannah Personalities

F1 Savannah

The F1  should have 50% -82% or higher wild blood.  The F1 does not like being held but does love to be scratched, petted, and to be in contact with humans.  They will show a friendly, playful, active nature.  They generally gravitate to one person and get along with other pets.  The weight of a F1 could range from 15-30 lbs. 


F2 Savannah

The F2 should have 25% - 50% wild blood.  The F2 will bond with one or two people and will also get along with other pets.  The F2 may be held for short periods of time, may sleep with you and even want to cuddle in your lap.  The F2 will generally make a better pet than the F1.  They love human interaction and are friendly, curious and very active.  The weight of a F2 could range from 15-25lbs.


F3 Savannah

The F3 Savannah is probably a better choice for a family, especially a family with children.  Though they do not like being held for long periods, they too love attention and get along well with other pets.  They have less tendancy to spray and have a more domestic cat personality.


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