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Although I do my very best to answer questions from prospective clients, the Savannah Cat Association webpage listed below answers nearly every question I have been asked (and many more).  Feel free to read from the website below and learn how very important health, genetic testing, care and veterinary medicine is to acquiring a healthy kitten.  Each day a new back yard breeder or scammer will take money from a family who is hoping to add a healthy kitten to their home.  Some kittens will never arrive and others will arrive sickly.  Families are devastated by these practices.  Please make sure your kitten has been given quality health care from a licensed veterinarian.   Belle Exotics only breeds for pure and stud book tradition (SBT) savannahs.  The International Cat Association (TICA) no longer accepts any domestic outcrossing while breeding and registering savannah kittens.  Be certain of the registration of the kitten you are inquiring about with any breeder, dont be fooled.  

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